I love crypto, gardening and working out. Surprisingly I found a bunch of neighbors had similar interests. We are constantly discussing various cryptos currencies, gardening tips and best workout routines. I feel like I am part of a real community

Kevin C.Renter

We just moved into the area and having people share about where they go to eat, shop and hangout really helped us get settled in.

Karley W.Renter

I had a question about when the gym in our building closes and a neighbor helped answer my question. Now we work out together!

Sam P.Renter

With everyone locked in during Covid, it was great to socialize within the app and schedule meetups at the pool for drinks.

Moseph A.Renter

I moved into my apartment with fluffy my dog. It was great to see a dog lovers group already existed in my building and I was able to coordinate doggie walks with my neighbors. We now watch each other’s dogs when we are traveling.

Jennifer T.Renter

Moved to a new city:

This just made so much sense to have for our building. As new renters in this apartment, it helped us connect with a few neighbors right away and a couple that had also moved in recently from our home town.

Fabian W.Renter