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Your Private Virtual Community

Remember that feeling when your kid was locked out, your dog needed to go for a walk and you didn’t want that important package to go missing? That’s when you need a support system within your community. Connect with the neighbors in your apartment, condo or HOA to build meaningful relationships on Zonzon.

Zonzon – Connecting People from Zonzon on Vimeo.


Get Help from People you Trust

  • Going out of town? Ask a neighbor to water your plants.
  • Stuck in a mandatory meeting? Have your kid wait in a neighbor’s home.
  • Hurt or not feeling well? Ask a neighbor to take your dog for a walk.

Meet Like-Minded People in Groups

  • Meet up with fitness-minded people and invite them to run or workout.
  • Find people who share your love for gardening and/or pets.
  • Buy and sell through a trusted community classifieds group.

Organize Events

  • Get the kids together for play dates; organize a BBQ or game night.

Find out What’s Going on in Your Community

  • View the community timeline to stay updated on what is happening in your community.

Be Your Community Champion

Zonzon is launching a new initiative – the Community Champion program. It’s designed for people who are all about connecting people, building bridges and fostering community.

If you share a passion for building community and live in an apartment, condo or HOA, you’re the community’s champion we’re looking for!