What is Zonzon?

Zonzon is a platform for management and residents to connect and build community within apartments, condos and HOAs.


How do I integrate Zonzon into my community? 

Any resident or manager can onboard Zonzon to your community. Residents can simply download and register their community on Zonzon. Managers can email us at info@zonzon.com with the list of their communities. Community information needs to include the community name; street and city; and a total number of units in each community. Zonzon will provide management with templates to email residents as well as flyers to post in common areas.


Do I need a code?

Yes. Every community has a unique building code. You can register using either your building code or your community name. You can find the building code in the email from management, a flier or from a neighbor. If you’re not sure if your building is on Zonzon, email us at info@zonzon.com and we’ll help you find the code or set up your community on Zonzon.


Are there community rules?

Zonzon is built to be a socially positive community platform where residents are focused on building relationships and collaborating. We believe that when the community members engage in discussions, their decision-making and problem-solving ideas become more creative and they will build ownership. Here are some of the community rules:

  • Zonzon is only for residents within a community (renters, owners and management).
  • Hate speech and aggressive or harassing comments are not allowed.
  • Respect people’s privacy. Don’t share posts outside of your community or outside Zonzon without written permission from the people included in the post.

Please see our community rules and terms and conditions:


How can I refer a neighbor?

Each building has a unique 6-digit code. To refer a neighbor who lives in your building, ask your neighbor to download the Zonzon app and share your building code with them. You can also tap the referral button in the app to add a neighbor.

If you want to refer a friend, relative or anyone who doesn’t have Zonzon in their community, share this link. They can simply download Zonzon and register their community.


How much does the app cost?

The app is FREE for residents. Management companies, please contact us at info@zonzon.com for our low introductory pricing. If your community/management company is a client of Association Prime South State Bank, Zonzon’s cost is covered by the bank. Please contact your Association Prime banker to get set up.


What happens when I move?

If the community you move to is not already on Zonzon, simply contact us at info@zonzon.com and we will set them up. Please provide the community name; street and city; and the total number of units in your new apartment, condo or HOA.