The Power of Community - Cecile's Story


My name is Cecile and this is my dog, Petra. I own a property in the District at Victory Ridge in Colorado Springs. My home is a part of a much bigger family, so it’s important that I live in a good community. We spend a lot of time where we live and want our investment to grow. It is not just about the financial value of the home, but also improving each other’s lives by helping one another and looking out for each other. This not only makes it a desirable community to live in, but also a safe neighborhood.

To build community, members need to communicate. HOA meetings are held infrequently and it’s very difficult to resolve issues on our own as one can feel powerless. Going door-to-door is time consuming and others may find it imposing. Calling or texting is similar.

That’s why we need Zonzon. The app helps us connect with each other about matters that affect the community and should to be addressed by the HOA or management. We can freely and easily discuss these issues and agree on the approach. Zonzon is the fastest and easiest way to reach members. There’s strength in numbers and this app helps us to quickly build those numbers.

Zonzon is also a great way for people in our community to develop lasting relationships. The “Groups” tab helps us connect with like-minded people. The “Events” tab makes it easy to organize gatherings like movie nights, potlucks and barbecues. This has helped me meet some of my wonderful neighbors and feel like I belong in my community, which has become like my extended family.