Be the BIG FISH in every small pond!

Your most valuable referrals come from your customer’s trusted networks such as friends, family, and neighbors. 

  • Connect all your customers in an apartment, condo, or HOA on Zonzon and build a community around your products.
  • Unleash a powerful referral flywheel by harnessing the momentum of multiple happy customers in each micro community to drives new and repeat sales while boosting your brand. 
  • Recruit brand ambassadors/influencers in every Zonzon community to drive engagement, adoption and dominate every micro community.
  • Reduce your advertising costs by focusing on a more powerful personalized, community-driven experience to drive grow instead of expensive, low-return paid advertising. Join the movement and discover a fresh new way to leverage your happy customers to grow sales, enhance retention and reduce churn!

Go small to go BIG!

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The most influential marketing tool is word of mouth and with Zonzon, you can capitalize on the satisfaction of your customers and transform them into influencers who will effectively promote your products and services within their communities. The future of leads and referrals are your own happy customers and Zonzon is the only platform on which your customers can connect, engage and build a thriving community. Fill out the form, and our team will contact you to initiate the creation of a thriving community that will propel your business to the next level.